01 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

The past two months have been a frenzy of making...a veritable smorgasbord of craft.  My apartment was in a constant state of creative chaos.  Every waking moment that Judah was kind enough to spare me, I was sewing, felting, quilting, crocheting, painting, or embroidering.  It was by far my most handmade Christmas ever, and even in the midst of the constant stress of the ticking calendar and having SO MUCH TO DO, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.  Obviously, I couldn't share anything with you before Christmas, but now that Christmas is Christmas past, I am happy to have a little daily show and tell party with all my Christmas makes.  There are at least ten that I can think of off the top of my head, so my goal is to share one for each day until I run out.  And then my goal is to start making Christmas decorations for myself for next year (before I pack up this year's decorations), and when that starts happening, I'll share those, too.

But tonight, I'll just leave you with the anticipation of it all and a "Happy New Year!"  Because really, I think the best part of New Year's is thinking about all of the good things to come.  :o)

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