04 January 2012

2011 CM3: Desk Minions

2011 was the Christmas of a ridiculous amount of felting.  I had several very large, time-consuming projects to complete, so it was nice to be able to mix it up here and there with something little and not quite as time-consuming.  One such little project was for Jason.  One of Jason's new favorite movies is Despicable Me.  It's about a villain named Gru who is trying to pull the biggest heist of his career.  To aid him in all of his despicable plots, Gru has hundreds of little minions.

The minions are by far my favorite part of the movie.  Here's a trailer featuring them:

I decided that Jason needed a special little team of his own to do his bidding at his new job as a junior high and high school Bible teacher.  Originally, I was just going to make one minion, but who has ever heard of having a singular minion?  That's just totally ridiculous.  So I made him a pair.  And here they are...Jason's very own desk minions, ready to commence the most dastardly scheme he can conjur...which will most likely be...midterms.  Dun-dun-DUH!!!

 And by "ready" I mean that they are actually goofing off in Santa's sleigh at the moment.  But they're minions. What else did you expect?

(Santa, sleigh, and reindeer by Niki Giberson)

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