10 April 2010

A Little Dish

I have a friend named Lexi who I love. She is fun and creative and just a lovely person. One of our most favorite things to do together is to paint pottery. You may remember the Harry Potter pitcher and the pear plate. Both of those were done at Glazed pottery painting studio in Gloucester with my dear friend Lexi. It had been ages since we'd gotten together, so we finally set another pottery painting date back in April. I was hoping to paint a travel mug for my mom like one I had made for her two Christmases ago that has since broken. But Glazed was out of travel mugs, so I decided to paint a little dish instead.

I have a sickness for cutting boards and little serving dishes. I swear I have at least 7 or 8 other dishes that house crackers and some sort of spread. But this little dish will be used for crackers and homemade preserves when I do my next craft show. I have no idea when that will be or what preserves I will have made. But when that day comes, I will be ready because I now have this little number:I painted it to match the display cabinet my parents made me for Christmas. It includes my business name and a secret little sparrow that will be revealed when it's time to refill the preserves. It turned out a little more lime-y than I intended, but such is life. It's so hard to tell what color something will be once it's fired and the ceramic paints take on all their shiny brilliance. It's also hard to photograph shiny things. But I love how my mosaic coffee table is reflected here:
Overall, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. So happy that I am determined to do some craft fair research so I can use it. Which will also mean making some more inventory to go along with it and a subsequent etsy shop (hopefully coming this summer). Finally. Crazy what a little dish can spark, don't you think?