29 August 2011

This is my 6th attempt to write a blog post worthy of displacing Judah's birthday.  This won't be that blog post, but maybe it will take the pressure off a bit to just give a quick update to what's going on around here:

1)  Judah is awesome.  He's really the best ever...best baby, best person, best thing to ever happen to me.  He's just the best.
 See?  Isn't he the best?  Yes.  Yes, he is.

2)  Jason finished his master's degrees!!  Hooray!!!  He's also down to 2 jobs instead of 6.  He's keeping his youth pastor job and also teaching high school and junior high Bible part time at a Christian prep school.  We tried really hard to get out of Massachusetts...to no avail.  But now that it's decided, we're excited to be here, and Jason is really looking forward to teaching.

3)  So...since we're going to be here (and since we soon have to vacate student housing owning to Jason no longer being a student), we started looking at BUYING A HOUSE!  I was really excited about it.  I thought it would be fun.  But it turns out that house hunting is not fun when your budget would get you close to your dream house just about anywhere else in the country except right where you need to be.  We haven't found anything in our price range worth buying, so we're most likely going to rent for at least another year and see what pops up on the market in the spring.  *boooo*

4)  In the mean time, I am in limbo like never before.  I'm hoping that once we find a place to rent, I can utilize Judah's impeccable sleeping skills to start getting disciplined about making stuff again.  I've started here and there to get in the swing of things, but our apartment is so overrun with Judah's stuff that it's hard to talk myself into pulling out the materials to make an even bigger mess of our tiny little shoebox lives.  I started to rearrange furniture to better maximize our space, but then I found out that we would have to move soon, so I stopped mid-rearrange and haven't been able to motivate myself to finish the job...or to pack...or to care enough to do anything but state in no uncertain terms that I AM IN LIMBO, and I DO NOT LIKE IT.

5)  I don't really have a 5th point, but we all know how I despise the number 4, so there you have it.  Instant list of 5, and finally, a new--and altogether anticlimactic--post.