03 January 2012

2011 CM2: Speaking of Baby Blankets

The Giberson clan has grown to quite an impressive number.  In the past three years, the number of third generationers has gone from 0 to 5.  So add parents, siblings, and husbands, and Christmas had gotten very expensive.  So this year, we decided to draw names for present giving, and each person had a $50 limit.  As it happened, Jason and Sadie drew each other.  Sadie joined the family just 6 months ago.  She slid gracefully into the world after just 2 pushes.  (Megan is a champ birther.  It took me 2 hours of pushing to get Judah out.)  Sadie is just the calmest, sweetest, quietest little angel of a baby ever.  (I think Jesus decided that Molly fulfilled Megan and Justin's racket quota and rewarded them with one of the most easy-going babies of all time.)  She gets prettier and sweeter every day.  She is 100% go with the flow.  She is content to lay peacefully wherever you put her and even let you eat your dinner.  She's basically a miracle of a baby.

See how go with the flow she is?
 Since there are now 2 Benson girls, Megan has transformed their bedroom into girly glory, complete with pink painted birdhouses and a tree mural and mobiles with birds and flowers.  It's quite lovely.  So for Christmas, I decided to contribute to the decor by making Sadie a blanket to match the one I made for Molly's thunder shower.  I bought a plain white quilt from Ikea and set out to make a duvet cover.  I pulled out the remaining fabric from Molly's, and much to my dismay, I didn't have what I needed.  The yardage added up, but it would require cutting and piecing, and any way I put it together, it just looked like I did it that way because I didn't have enough fabric.  So I set out to the fabric store where I purchased Molly's fabric over 2 years ago, desperately hoping that they still had the fabric I needed in stock.  And low and behold, miracle of miracles, they did!!  So I did a little happy dance, got just what I needed, headed home, and sewed up this little blanket for little Sadie Joy.

(close-up to show off the pretty fabric)

Now Molly and Sadie's cribs can be all matchy matchy in auntrobinmade warmth.  Sweet dreams, Sadie Joy Benson!

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