06 January 2012

2011 CM5: Crazy Quilt Purse Tops

Another present I made for my mom this year was a mini crazy quilt project....well, 5 mini crazy quilt projects, really.  I was going to post a link to a tutorial on crazy quilt piecing, but in a [cursory] search, I was disappointed with the lack of a good tutorial with fabrics that you wouldn't associate with your great Aunt Tessie.  (subtle HP reference there for those of you who are HP literate)  So maybe later this spring, I'll have to post a tutorial complete with step-by-step pictures (because it's kind of hard to explain if you don't already know what you're doing).  It's a method of quilting that does not require any precision whatsoever in measuring, cutting, or sewing.  It's basically like putting together a fabric puzzle or collage based on color and composition.  So due to its great right-brain/left-brain-ed-ness, it's probably my favorite way to sew.

Anyway,  what with my mom's knee surgery and all, I figured that she would need something to do that would require her to sit still.  She's been doing a lot of knitting, but I wanted to give her the opportunity to mix it up a little bit.  She used to make these purses where she would crazy quilt the top and then embroider all sorts of lovely stitches all over them.  (I get my love of hand-stitching--actually, I get just about every crafty thing I do as well as a majority of my personality, quippy sayings, and general way of being--from my mom.)  I don't think she's made one in a long while, so I thought I should remind her how awesome (and how much fun) they are.
In addition to sewing up the tops, I also sent along coordinating fabrics so my mom would be able to finish the purses and sell them or use them or give them away.  This was a "process over product" sort of gift, which is probably the kind that suits my mom best.  She is a woman of constant motion, so I was glad to aid the motion of her fingers while preserving the rest of her knee.
Happy crazying, Mom!

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