26 January 2012

2011 CM11: Sadiebug

I don't know if little Sadie has a stocking or not, but I decided that she should have a handmade ornament for her first Christmas just the same.  She came up to visit me this fall (along with her parents, sister, and Gramby--the grandkids' name for my mom), and while she was here, Megan bought her Halloween costume so that come Halloween, she could be a little Sadiebug.

Get it?  It sounds like Ladybug.
So one night, after I had finished and packaged all of the presents to be sent to Jersey, I had a friend over for a little felting lesson.  After a long day of Christmas crafting, I just didn't have it in me to tackle one of my umpteen complex Christmas felting projects (documented here, here, here, here, and here).  So I decided to felt something simple: a little Sadiebug ornament to commemorate her name and her first visit to Boston and her very first Halloween adorableness.  And here it is:
Megan took these pictures for me because I forgot to document this little creature before she was shipped off to Jersey.

My favorite part is the little antennae.  Just 2 simple knots make all the difference.

Sadie with her Sadiebug

I think this means she likes it. :o)
Molly wanted to get in on the photo shoot, too.

So I have made it almost to the end of my Christmas crafting on this little space.  The final Christmas craft was certainly my biggest and most time consuming endeavor ever.  Get pumped.  It's pretty magnificent, if I do say so myself.

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  1. What a sweet, thoughtful gift! She loves it and so do I! :o) The antennae are so clever!