09 October 2009

I don't want to be a pincushion.

Now that the Great Goat Vote is far behind us...I have SO MUCH to tell you...quite a bit of catch up to do. Although I've been thinking very few thoughts over the past few weeks other than "goats goats goats goats goats," I have gotten quite a bit done in September that I want to tell you about! So...here goes.

A few weekends ago, Jason and I took a 24 hour trip down to South Jersey (aka the Promised Land) to welcome my new niece into the world. Her name is Molly Grace Benson and she was born on September 5th. To read more about my trip to meet her and to see just how adorable and perfect Molly is, click here. But since this blog is about making, and I had nothing to do with making Molly, I'll forgo my Molly gushing here and proceed to makes of weeks past. (But oh my goodness, I love her.)

In the midst of a very busy Saturday, my mom and I fit in some felting. We made felted pincushions using the same water-felting method I used to make the felted balls for my glass vase. Basically, you get some warm water and add some gentle detergent, and you agitate the wool until it's done. We made shapes like burritos and then sliced them into 4 pincushions. I forgot to take in-progress photos, but here is my finished product:
I'm planning on needle-felting designs onto the sides and maybe even turning the smallest one into a pincushion to wear on your wrist. Felted wool makes for excellent pincushions because wool naturally sharpens needles. Pretty cool, huh? These were made in an effort to build up some inventory for my upcoming shows, which I have been a little lax in preparing for. I'm hoping that soon a bit of panic will ensue. Panic has always been a good motivator for me.

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