19 March 2009

All full!!

Here it is! Last week's make!
20 wool felted balls in assorted colors, 17 made by me and 3 made by Jason. Here are two views of them in the vase:
I loved the ideas that everyone gave. But in the end, this project was just what I needed. It was mindless, the sort of thing I could do in little doses, and since I already had all of the wool, it only cost about a dollar for a couple of bars of ivory soap. Here's what I did:
I used a grater to shave some soap into a large bowl. Then I added warm water and got it all soapy. Then I just wrapped white wool roving into a ball, getting it wet and agitating it along the way to make the fibers felt together. Once it was the size I wanted, I decorated the outside with colorful wool. In hindsight, it probably would have been a good idea to start with a tinfoil form or something to save myself some wool and some time, but I liked the idea of the balls being completely made out of wool, and I have so much of it! I couldn't resist. Here's how it looks now on my bookshelf: I think it's quite a colorful improvement.
And with all this talk of vases and filling them...Jason got me roses, too. :o)


  1. Very nice work, Robin (and Jason)! That's a lot of felting!

  2. Thanks, Amy! A very lot of felting but totally worth it. :o)

  3. And they totally have some of the same "feeling" as mini globes. Nicely done.

  4. Yes Robin, quite the tribute to color and sheep. I like it!

  5. and it's about time..I've been in such suspense!

  6. and don't forget to tell everyone they all bounce!