22 September 2009

Goat Vote

The time has come for you to vote for my mom to win some angora goats! Hooray!!
Just go to this link and click on the star under the pictures ONCE. Please vote only once. (I will get disqualified if people try to cheat, and yes, they can track that kind of thing via IP addresses.) Voting closes this Friday, September 25th at midnight eastern time. Once the voting ends, they will contact the top vote getters to be sure they meet all of the criteria for winning the flock (which my mom will). Then the good people of Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and Sand Creek Post and Beam will choose the winner, which will be announced no later than October 2nd. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, get voting!! Thanks a bunch!!

Update Monday: We ended in 4th place out of 50 applicants with 555 votes! Thanks so much to everyone who voted and spread the word. It was so fun and exciting to read all of the comments and see people voting from all over the world (literally) and from so many different spheres of our lives, from my mom's high school friends to people from my church to Delanco people to Wheaton friends and their friends and their friends' friends. It was so encouraging and humbling and overwhelming to receive so much support.

Because there were some glitches with the voting system, the contest people have accepted the top 10 vote getters (instead of their original intent to only accept three) into the final round, where they will contact the top people, make sure they have the resources to care for the goats, and then choose the winner. They originally said that the decision would be made by this Friday, but having to screen 7 more people than they intended, it might take a little longer. I will definitely keep you posted.

Thanks again for all of your support!!

Update 2nd Monday: Well, it turns out that we did not win the goats. You can see the results and read the winning essay here. I was definitely a little disappointed at first, but I am still glad that I entered my mom into the contest. I got to share her story with a lot of people, and she felt so very loved. We are both blown away by all the support we received, so thank you so much to everyone who voted and spread the word. My mom is looking into buying a few angora goats of her own, and the funny part is that the contest people get their goats from people who get their goats from the same people from whom we got our first sheep. Did you follow that? Basically, she's most likely going to start her herd of goats from the same farm where she started her flock of sheep. I think that's pretty cool, and it probably wouldn't have happened without this contest and your encouragement. So thanks again!!


  1. This link might help:

    It skips right to the Vote star and highlights it. Let's folks vote first.

  2. nice job robin! i know your mom is going to get this!