20 May 2009


Well, it has officially happened. I am a slacker. I haven't posted in over a week. And I didn't make anything last week. I spent most of my free time cleaning my apartment (which was an absolute pit), and Megan, Justin, and Josiah (aka cutest and best baby ever) came to visit for the weekend. It was so great having them here, showing them our little Port away from Port, and getting some face time with my baby nephew. But by the end of the weekend, I was too tired to create. I started an embroidery hoop wall art project...but then I was seized by a fit of fabric misering. One of the biggest issues I have with creating with fabric is that my stash is limited, and when I have a fabric I really love, it's an emotional battle to cut it up and use it. Silly, I know. Something I have to get over, absolutely. But a hindrance nonetheless...as was the fact that it was 10:30 on Sunday night. (Note: my weeks for weekly makes run Monday-Monday. I find it easier to do projects when my weekends are kept intact.)

But despite not making anything last week, it did mark a small sort of victory. Last week was the first week in fourteen weeks that I didn't make something. And I'm pretty excited about that accomplishment because consistency hasn't always been my strong point. So I'm starting up again this week with fresh energy, refusing to beat myself up or try to catch up. Just moving forward.

In the mean time, I still owe you my ethnic roots post and Jason's birthday post. Coming soon to a blog near you. :o)


  1. Did it escape you that you made 4 objects the week before? That should definitely count for something.

  2. So enough of that slacker talk!!

  3. This is SO not true...you are not a slacker and you did make MANY things this weekend.... here's your list. You made:
    - a clean apartment
    -2 wonderfully comfortable beds
    - it possible to enjoy a wedding b/c I knew Josiah was being well taken care of
    - a few lovely cups of decaf constant comment for me
    - scruptious ccc's (although I think that was Jason, but he used your kitchenaid so you get credit)
    - awesome cinnamin buns
    - a beautifully set table
    - 1 very happy nephew
    - 1 relaxed sister (which in turn makes a happy, relaxed neice)
    - 1 brother-in-law who quite possibly will never drive in Boston again
    - it possible to stay in MA for free, and that dear sister, makes the Benson houshold that happiest of all!

    So how dare you say you make nothing! Perhaps nothing tangible because it's all been slept in, ate, or since messed up. But nonetheless, your weekly make was making a wonderful weekend experience for the 4 of us :o) And so far, you are the favorite aunt because of it :o)

  4. and how could I forget the sweet potato fries! Delicious, said Max!

  5. Wow! Turns out I'm even more awesome than I thought. :o) Thanks, Mom and Megan!

    Megan, I'm so glad you and Justin and Josiah and Molly had a good time. You are welcome back anytime, and I promise I won't make Justin drive through Boston ever again.

  6. Dear Robin,

    I agree with your wonderful family. However, I am slightly disappointed that it wasn't I who was partaking in the sweet potato fries and other wonderful goodness. Of course, then I remembered that when we visited we got lasagna, a tea party of amazingness, cookies and other wonderful goodness. So, thanks.


  7. It's true...no one else has gotten a tea party, let alone a puking camel. :o)