24 May 2009

Catching Up 1: You Light Up My Life

I know, I know. It's shameful that I'm so behind. But better late than never. April 19-25, I was on the youth group Philly trip, which did not leave much/any time for making anything. I believe before I left, I said I was going to "make the best of it," which I did, and in the long run, it's good that I went (even though I am still making up time at work for vacation days I didn't have and will be doing so until the beginning of June. Lovely.). Anyway, by Sunday night, I had a bit of energy, so Jason and I put on a movie (Ocean's 11 maybe? 12? 13? I don't remember) and painted together. And this is what we painted:
Jason found these little beauties in some very convenient little kits at the Target dollar spot back in February or thereabouts. He brought them home as a little surprise with the promise that we would paint them together at some point. After a week of wrangling small town high schoolers and junior highers in the very urban context of west philly, but still wanting to make something, this seemed like the perfect time to whip out the menorahs. Relaxing, creative, kinda silly face time with my husband. Exactly what I needed.

So this is the infamous project which brought me back to me ethnic roots. Even though I sadly know very little about Jewish culture, I am quite proud of the fact that my mom's mom was Jewish, which means that by blood, I am among "the chosen." I know. You're jealous. Don't worry...I've heard something or other about a "new covenant" so you're probably covered, too. L'chai-im!

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