25 May 2009

Catching Up 2: Funfetti!

The Saturday after my menorah project was Jason's birthday! Remember? I said I was probably going to be baking something but that Jason wanted a confetti cake so I may have to try to find something else that didn't come from a box? Well, Jason was not about to be persuaded from his dessert of choice, so while he watched the final game of a very exciting Bulls-Celtics series, I set to work on his confetti cake. Wanting to make it at least a little more exciting for myself, I asked how he wanted the cake shaped. Bundt pan? Double-layer round cake? Cupcakes? But Jason (being very much my "compliment"--aka opposite) just wanted a flat cake in a 9x13. Really? Yes. Why? Because it makes for better serving sizes. Humph...how very practical.

But it was his birthday, so I gave the man what he wanted. To make myself feel a little better, I flipped the cake out of the pan so I could at least frost the sides and put it on a pretty plate. Ahh...that's better.
Jason was happy with his cake, and that's what matters most.
I really shouldn't give him too much of a hard time. For my birthday, I asked for pancakes. Big surprise there.
This just goes to show you that compatibility does not mean finding someone just like you to share your life with. (How boring would that be?!?) Rather, it's about finding someone who loves you for all your little quirks and who you love for all of theirs...someone who will make pancakes or confetti cake to celebrate you, even if they don't completely understand. So happy birthday to my wonderful funfetti-cake-loving husband. You complete me.

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