17 March 2009

Always playing catch up!

Man oh man, am I behind! I guess that's what happens when Spring Break is over, professors come back, and time that was happily--though maybe not ought-ly--devoted to blogging becomes devoted to work time again. And that leaves me with so much to share and so little time to share it in and the camera conveniently forgotten on the counter at home. Humph. I guess in the mean time, here is a little snidbit of things to come:

1) Pictures and directions for last week's make. Here's a little hint: it included lots of wool, a bar of ivory soap, some water, and some very pruney hands...
2) An excursion to the local antique outlet, where everything is marked up double so that they can advertise that everything is half off. Clever. But I actually did find some good finds, including some inspiration for a future project!
3) I made a new kind of cake! I forgot to take pictures, but I fully intend on posting the recipe because it was delicious! Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake...mmm...
4) Inspiration for this week's project is coming soon because I want to give you all time to join in the fun! I'm thinking maybe a sewing project this week. We shall see...
5) And for a bit of penance for this post in place of a "real" post, here is a link to an album that Amazon is offering for free. I'm not sure how long they'll be offering this, so get on it. It's not bad for a free sampler, nice and mellow...music that would be just lovely to craft to. Enjoy!!

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