11 March 2009

All Empty or All Full?

And now that I'm all caught up...let's get started with Week 5 Inspiration!! Readygo!

One night in Disney World, Jason and I came back to a lovely surprise in our room. There were rose petals everywhere, a bunch of little goodies, chocolate Mickey Mouse ears, candles, and a beautiful bouquet of red roses! My mom had gotten it for us as a little "Happy Honeymoon" present. Yeah, she's pretty awesome.

I figured it was not an inexpensive surprise, so I decided to take as much of it with me as possible, including the very large vase. I got it to fit in my backpack along with some other equally breakable (and equally heavy) goodies, and we got it safely back to Boston. It was so pretty that I couldn't bear to store it away awaiting the proper bouquet to draw it out of the closet. Instead, I decided to display it in the living room.

Yesterday, as I was thinking about what my weekly make should be, I noticed that my pretty vase looks a little silly all empty like that. So I've decided to let it be the inspiration for this week's make.

What would you fill it with?

I thought about flowers, but keeping it filled with fresh flowers could get expensive. (Side note: Jason is very good about getting me flowers for no reason at all. Usually he gets baby roses. Lately he's been expanding his repertoire to gerber daises and other colorful bundles. But they're usually pretty small, and I like it that way because they fit perfectly on a little ledge we have in our kitchen. So don't think the vase is empty on his account.)

I thought about hunting down more little globes like the one sitting next to it (a present from my sister Amy). But I couldn't find any on etsy, and it would take way too long (and be way too expensive) to track down enough to fill the vase.

I considered buttons or bouncy balls, stones or shells from the beach. But in the end, I settled on making something. It's a project that Jason and I are going to do together, and I'm pretty excited about it. But for now, I'm going to leave you hanging because maybe you have a similar vase, and maybe if I leave this open-ended, you'll come up with a cool project that you can fill it with. Any ideas??


  1. My first immediate thought was an idea I had for our wedding (and didn't end up using)... fruit! When you sink a few oranges or lemons or limes in there with a bunch of water, it looks super cool and brings a lot of fantastic color in. For a lasting effect, you could MAYBE even use plastic fruit for this (much as I usually detest it).

  2. good thinking, Hannah. Lemons would be lovely!

  3. I think you should make a bunch of paper flowers. That way, it could be full all of the time without breaking the bank!

  4. Paper flowers would be nice...but the only ones I know how to make are the pipe cleaner/tissue paper circle ones, which are great for decorating easter hats, but I don't know that I'd want them in my house all year round. Do you know how to make another kind? Can you make some and take some pictures??

  5. Bouncy balls would be very you. Murph did a painting once of colored marbles in a glass goblet. He said it reminded him of little captured souls. Man, do i love him.
    I think you should fill it with stones or treasures you find on little walking adventures you go on with jason...or sand from different beaches you visit.
    Or you could decoupage the outside with text from old books or quotes or Bible verses or exerpts from Harry Potter (would be a great place to keep your wand in afterward)
    OOORRR you could make it your weekly make vase and put a little something from each project you make into it....like a little scrap from your aprom or a recipie of a cheese cake. Then you could remember your creative journey and it would inspire you to keep going until the vase was full...

    Just some thoughts!

  6. Holy cow, Megan! Look at you go! So many good ideas! I especially like the idea of decoupaging old books on it. That might have to be the inspiration of another project. :o)

  7. Going off of Amy's idea, here's a step-by-step for crepe paper flowers: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/crepe-paper-roses

    More pictures here: http://decor8blog.com/2009/03/13/amble-through-bramble-crepe-flowers/

    If I ever get my crafty stuff together enough to make these, I would totally love having some around my house - they look so real!