02 July 2012

Judah's First Birthday: Part One

It's been over 3 months since my baby boy officially became a toddler.  It was a crazy time in the Lawrenz estate.  I had a week between finishing up work at Gordon and Judah's birthday and about 3 weeks worth of ideas I wanted to cram into 7 days.  It was a flurry of making, cleaning, planning, baking, and rearranging that honestly left Judah pretty miserable leading up to the big day.  But his actual birthday was a wonderful celebration during which Judah had my full attention, which made for a happy birthday boy and a happy mama.

I wanted to celebrate his first year in three ways: finally finishing his room, making him a few presents, and giving him a very Judah-focused day.  So here begins the 3 part series of Judah's birthday.

First off: Judah's Room

Judah's room had been in a state of clutter and unrest since we moved here back in October.  Because we were living in a 1 bedroom apartment when he was born and planned on moving shortly afterward, I didn't get a chance to nest like I wanted to.  I wanted to set up a beautiful nursery for my baby boy.  I went through various theme ideas: jungle (to maximize the Lion of Judah connection), enchanted forest, Narnia (again, lots of lions), and It's a Small World.  I talked to Jason about all the things I wanted to make to decorate Judah's room, but he didn't really understand the need for a theme.  I answered, "Because that's what you do for nurseries."  In the end, practicality and frugality won out, and I ended up using things I already had, making Judah's room very void of theme but a brighter, happier, and less cluttered place as a result.

But deciding on decorations wasn't really the problem.  There were still unpacked boxes from our move, and a lack of storage furniture for his ever-growing collection of fun.  But I was determined that it would be finished for his birthday.  So I unpacked a few final boxes, shoved some others into closets, got Judah some storage furniture, and rearranged everything into a workable set-up.  And this is the final product:

The view from the door. 

And the other corner.

Judah's big birthday present: a toy storage system complete with  animal cubbies.

Judah's dresser with some favorite stuffed friends (including the all-important Sleep Sheep).
The little basket is for his socks, and the blue container holds his pacifiers.

Above the dresser are some lovely works of art.  The painting is by my sister Megan.
It was inspired by Psalm 4:8, which reads, "I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety."

My friend Rachel made this beautiful owl frame for Judah's shower.
I filled it with a picture taken by my friend Hannah in Judah's 1 year photo shoot.

Above the rocking chair corner are two more lovely pieces.
To the right is another painting by my sister Megan inspired by Psalm 1:3: "He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers."
My mom made the fish wall-hanging for me a while back.  Judah loves to point at it and make fish faces.

A close-up of the toy shelf.

On top of the shelf is Judah's lion collection.  To the far left is a lion face that I paper-mached and Megan painted.
Above the shelf are Judah's hand and foot print from when he was a month old and...

This beautiful lion embroidery made by my sister Amy to commemorate Judah's birth.

A bookshelf made for Judah's shower by my friend Lisa.
It's full of board books right at his level for his reading pleasure.

This lovely stained-glass quilt hangs above Judah's bookshelf.
He loves pointing out all the colors.

This beautiful quilt hangs above Judah's crib.
My mom made it for me my freshman year of college. 

And here's the little man himself.

Judah's room is a very happy place.  Just about everything is Judah proof, and all the things he loves are within reach.  So we actually spend a good amount of time in there now.  I love that he finally has a space that is completely his.  And Judah loves it, too!

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  1. That is awesome! It may not be totally themed out, but hand-crafted in love! I think it is amazing. And he is so big!!