09 March 2012


So I'm back at Gordon, working at that job I quit two years ago.  If I could go back in time, I probably would not agree to do this--it's put a good amount of strain on Jason (taking care of Judah while I'm at work) and on me (having to leave Judah and sit in an office by myself).  But this is where I am, and I decided that while I was here, I would make the best of it.  And that is why, when an email went out to faculty and staff announcing a game of "Secret Heart," I decided to be a little joiner.  Secret Heart is kinda like Secret Santa, but it centers around Valentine's Day.  You have a few weeks to send encouraging notes, candy, little presents to your person and then there was a big reveal party...which I did not go to...because let's be honest: I'm not REALLY a joiner.

But I did put together a little make for my Secret Heart.  I tried to think about what would be encouraging to me...sitting at my desk...bored and unmotivated.  And I thought that something homemade with a daily little encouragement would be nice.  And this is what I came up with:

It's a little bunting with five little pockets, one for each day of the work week.  It was a simple construction...didn't take me very long.  And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I filled each pocket with a verse or several...some of my favorites in the "chin up" category.

And I wrapped it up with a note of explanation (because sometimes I just get self conscious and wonder if a recipient will "get" a Robin-made something), a mini box of chocolates, and a little felted heart.

I actually drove to Gordon and dropped it off, Judah in tow, which I was pretty proud of myself for doing because I don't get out much, just me and Judah.  When we got home, I decided to have a little photo shoot with my little man to send to his daddy while he was at work.  So to round out this little Valentiney post, I thought I should share some pictures of a boy I love very very much:

Forget toys.  He prefers coasters.

Paper is pretty high on his list, too.  Especially for a light snack.

Happy [belated] Valentine's Day!!!

Disclaimer: I do not actually allow Judah to ingest paper.

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  1. What a very thoughtful gift, Robin!!!! And a very handsome little boy! :o)