09 March 2010

Secrets, secrets...

Alright, so it's been forever since I've posted anything. The reasons for this are many-fold. And although very few of them are resolved, I thought I'd do a little secret-unraveling today to get myself back in the game here.

1) My blog hates me. Literally. It was perfectly content being all conventional and dotty in its basic template. And then I got bored and spent hours and hours and hours searching through every website of blogger templates I could find. And I finally found the perfect one: FluidYellow. It was everything I wanted: colorful and happy but still mostly white, not klitchy or chaotic at all, pretty without being all "HEY!! LOOK AT ME!! I'M FLOWERY!!!," and a lovely shade of sunshine yellow. Just what I needed for the never-ending days of winter and never-spring here in New England. I figured out how to download the template and upload it and still keep my widgets in tact. And I was sooo proud of myself. And then the dates were all screwy. So I fixed those. And then I noticed my pictures were being text wrapped. Blex. So I enlisted help. But the code for this template is just not happy. So that didn't work. And then...all of the images in the template disappeared. Completely. Gone gone gone. No more sunshine yellow. No more little gray boxes around my widget headers. Nothing. Gone. So I did some research and found out that the host server of the images probably deleted them. So I found the template again and downloaded the images and uploaded them elsewhere and then went through the code and replaced all of the links to the pictures with my own new links. This took hours, folks. ow-ers. And it didn't work. So once again, I've gone back to the www to look for a blogger template that I like as much as FluidYellow, all the while holding it as my ideal that nothing can ever ever top. It's been...discouraging to say the very least. But I will not give up. I think that my blog is just rebelling against me because I went all change-crazy on it. But maybe if I start posting again, my blog will remember that we're friends and stop hating me. Please, blog darling??

2) My weekly make for the third week of February is a big secret that I can't post about yet. (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.) I am super excited about it, and I think it turned out really well. But I just can't go all public with it for another few months. I will clue you in by the end of June at the latest. I promise. I know that's a long time to wait. Trust me. I know. So to clue you in just a little bit, I'll let you know that it was a writing project of sorts.

3) I thought I was way behind. And that made this (in addition to the rebellion and the really happy secret I can't tell you about) not a happy place at all. Since the big year mark...no, actually since Christmas, I've been a little drained of creative stamina. I've still been making things...puff oven pancakes, crochet motifs, a fort in the living room, hours upon hours of crocheting the granny square blanket. And in the midst of all that, I didn't think I had been keeping up with my "one make, start to finish, every week" structure. I was so discouraged by this that I thought about altering the structure of my blog. I would still be intentional about being creative, but I would set a time goal instead of a project goal. That way, I could make more big projects like blankets or clothes without the pressure to finish them in a week. I would do more in-progress posts. But I know myself. I know that my original design for this blog has been helpful for me. It's easy enough that I'm not overwhelmed and despairing, but hard enough that I am still challenged by it and motivated by the deadline. So I'm not changing it. And as it turns out, I wasn't even behind to begin with. Isn't that exciting? Once I reconsidered my little secret as a make, I was all caught up.

So that's it. Updates coming sometime this week from the last two weekly makes and a coffee house post, and we'll be back on track. And just so I don't have yet another post without a picture, here is an invitation for you:

When you're feeling just a little too silly to make anything else, make faces!

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  1. Awesome. And you've switched the blog theme since the last time I looked at this post. Glad the blog has spurred your creativity and I hope it continues. Peace.