19 January 2010


Notice how my makes have gone from varied and grandiose in December to sweet and simple in January? One of January's weekly makes was a crayon drawing. It had been a long time since I've colored. It seemed like I was due. So I picked up my pad of paper and my box of crayons and set out to color something abstract, something to capture how I was feeling. And here it is:

Each color and shape represents something different:
The yellow is a part of a star, signifying the light I so want to be. (You can read more about that here.)
The green is a fern frond, for growth and how I am opening myself to God.
The purple is a flower petal, for the beautiful things I want to make.
The orange is a flame, for the warmth of God.
The copper/brown is a path, leading me to new places and in new directions.
The red is a brick, for the house that I will have someday.
The deep blue/black is a music note, for my realization that whatever new inspirations my life holds, music will be among them.
The blue is a wave for the constancy of change.
The background is signifying my gray skies turning blue.

And the picture is entitled "Hope." At the moment, I can't divulge the epiphanies and the movements that are turning my spirit from despair to hope, but I can say for the first time in a very long time that I am excited about where my life is heading. I can say with confidence that God has good things in store for me. And that is giving me hope.


  1. love the drawing! I need to get you a set of prismacolors. they will change your life!

  2. hmm...prismacolors. then i would be a REAL artist. :o)