19 December 2009

Rusted Window

So remember how I said I wouldn't be making any more cathedral window projects in December because I could not be easily convinced to part with something so awesome? Well, here's the thing. My dad really likes cathedral window quilts. And he is particularly difficult to shop for. And I knew he would appreciate the work that went into this, so, I made him a cathedral window wall-hanging for Christmas.This one is completely machine-sewn. And if I was doubting my sewing skills after Molly's bird, this restored my confidence. I hit a few snags sewing around the outside, but I sewed around all of the rust-colored diamonds without stopping or ripping out any seams. Woohoo!

Fun little extra fact: here's how many pins it took to keep this together while I was sewing.
Good pinning is essential to good sewing, folks. Essential.

I was originally going to put aside my distain for the number 4 and put this together in a 4 block x 4 block formation. But it annoyed me that I couldn't pattern my window squares in a symmetrical way using that set-up, and really, who needs sleep in December anyway? So instead I did 3 blocks x 6 blocks so it could be more of a panoramic or tall and skinny shape. That probably doesn't make much sense if you don't know how cathedral window quilts are constructed, so I've put this together to show you where the blocks are.(Of course this shows you how very imperfect and un-squared this is, but my ego can take the hit in order to aid comprehension.) It's such a beautifully mathematical, geometric process. It just warms my little heart. And my dad really liked it, too. Check plus!

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