28 December 2009

From Head to Toe

For my sisters this year, in addition to a few other little odds and ends presents (pencil supplies for Megan, vintage buttons and crocheted doilies for Amy, gLee soundtracks for both), I made each of them a headband and a pair of slippers.

I'm pretty excited about these headbands I've learned to make. They are reversible, comfortable, and in all other ways awesome. And I have them down to a pretty streamlined process. At least, I would have if I hadn't been making them post-2 o'clock in the morning. That's probably why it took me so long to pick out fabrics for Amy and Megan, who I usually have an easy time spotting in fabrics. I'm still not sure I got them right. But the headbands were finished before Christmas, and they liked them, so all [seam-ripping, wrong cutting, remeasuring, furrowed brow, indecision, etc.] is right with the world.
And I liked the headbands so much that I made myself one as well to keep my hair out of my face in my flurry of Christmas crafting. Merry Christmas to me.
And then there were the slippers. A few confessions about these slippers:
1) I really wanted to make them. This was definitely one of those instances where I gave presents that I wanted to make more so than what I thought they would really want or need or use. But I knew that they would like them, and really...who doesn't need a pair of crocheted slippers? Answer: no one. Everyone needs a pair of crocheted slippers. It's a fact. And I would have made a pair for everyone on my list if I hadn't run out of time, which brings me to confession number 2:

2) I gave Megan a bundle of unconnected granny squares on Christmas morning. And a slipper that I had messed up the colors on. So she didn't get her slippers until after Christmas. And Amy's were finished post-Christmas, also, which is what delayed her and Jared's presents.

3) Because of the color mistake on that one slipper, I ended up with an extra odd slipper. I told Jason I'd make the second slipper and give the pair to him, but then he went out and bought a really nice pair of sheepskin slippers with rubber souls. So I don't know if those slippers will ever get finished for him. We'll see.

Here's Megan modeling her slippers (and her black lab Duncan in the background):And Amy's slippers, waiting to be shipped off to South Carolina:

And with that, we are just about caught up with my Christmas makes. Consider the next 2 posts (Handmade Goodness and Unfinished Business) the "deleted scenes."


  1. You are so crafty cute it's ridiculous.

    I love the headbands. When we make my apron (meaning you make it and I watch gleefully, "helping" as a 5-year-old does), can we make one of them as well? Because I loved the one you posted back in December, and these look even cuter!

    Also, the slippers are quite adorable, but I think I fall into that .000013% of people who couldn't use a pair. At least, not in winter. Sadly, I am so cold-blooded that those wouldn't keep me warm enough. I wear two pairs of socks and slippers at home, as well as leggings under my flannels, and I can still get cold. Though, maybe they'd be good spring/summer slippers... ;)

  2. We can definitely add headbands to the list. The slippers are actually surprisingly warm for how many holes they have. I don't remember exactly, but I think the yarn is an acrylic/wool blend which makes them durable and toasty. But I think you're right--they probably are not warm enough for the winter you're getting in Philly this year. Definitely more suitable other-season wear. But seriously...everybody needs these slippers! They're just so fun and cute!