08 October 2010


In which Robin welcomes herself back with a grand announcement...

I'm pregnant.

And the long and short of it is that that is the reason I haven't been blogging.

I quit my job back in May, and my last day was July 6th. And very shortly thereafter, I got pregnant, spent three weeks traveling up and down the eastern seaboard and the following weeks feeling very ill indeed. So here I am, in the middle of my 14th week of pregnancy and starting to feel slightly more human in the moments that Jason and I manage to keep me hydrated and fed (which--let me tell you--is a never-ending battle for a person who normally enjoys a constant state of dehydration and does not enjoy eating).

In addition to the whole building a baby thing, I have actually gotten a lot done in my absence. There's so much making and living and processing that I haven't told you about, and it started to feel overwhelming. So I put it off. And then it was really hard to re-enter the electronic universe when I had been away for so long and not only had to catch up on writing my blog but also on reading everyone else's, not to mention email and facebook and etsy trends and mod cloth new arrivals and playing family feud. *phew* Back when I worked in an office and didn't have enough to do to fill the lonely hours, I built a very complex and time-consuming electronic universe. It was my lifeline. But now that I am not confined to my office, it's a little harder to motivate myself to stay connected online, especially with such a backlog. And that--in addition to being pregnant, and maybe moreso than the excuse of feeling sick--is why I have not been blogging.

But that just about catches us up on a personal level, and I trust you will forgive me for being m.i.a. these past months. I'm officially back now. I promise.

With the exception of August and September, I actually have been pretty consistently diligent on the making front. Here is all I have done in my absence:
  • Compiled a recipe book of all my favorites
  • Finished the massive (5 ft x 5 ft) granny square blanket I started back in February
  • Finished Megan's birthday (last November) felted gnome
  • Finished Amy's birthday (last December) crochet purse
  • Made a crazy quilt pillow for my friend Thais's high school graduation present
  • Made dolls with a few ladies in my church for a charity
  • Learned a new recipe (Avacado Salad) and mastered a few that have previously given me grief (Pizza Dough and Guacamole)
  • Wrote an extensive manual for work
  • Designed a new crafting space
  • Made a tote bag/road trip kit for my neighbors who moved to Mississippi
I've decided that that is sufficient for a catch up. I'm not going to write separate posts for the above projects because that's just too overwhelming a task. But if you have any questions or want to hear more about any of them, let me know.

I also:
  • Hosted my in-laws and brother-in-law for a weekend
  • Moved into a 1-bedroom apartment
  • Saw Mary Poppins on Broadway
  • Spent a week at Delanco Camp, during which I was a teacher, craft lady, dean of women, and on the music team
  • Spent a week in South Carolina playing with my 4-year-old nephew Jesse and meeting my newborn nephew Micah
  • Took a side trip to Williamsburg with my mom on the way back up the coast
  • Spent a few random days in Jersey with my family
  • Found out I was pregnant
I spent the next two months feeling sick and overwhelmed, but now with the help of bullet points and the start of October, I am turning over a new leaf:
  • I'm very close to being finished with a crocheted blanket I started for my dad's birthday (back in April). I finished all the squares last week, and now I just need to hook them together.
  • Last Friday, Jason and I played at another Kalos Coffeehouse. This time, we got to be in the front scheduled half of the night instead of the open mic section, which was a nice little love-pat for my ego and also a lot of fun. We played Run That Darkness Down, Orion, and Ebony. Jason played piano on the last two, and I LOVED what he was able to put together. We also figured out that in order to have fun practicing music together, I need to eliminate the phrase "can you do something that sounds kinda like [insert ambiguous semi-musical nonsense]." All in all, despite the fact that our actual performance was a little shaky, I think that it was a great success, if only because we actually enjoyed playing music together during practice, which just might be a first.
  • Last night, I did some drawing/coloring to help reconnect with my imaginative self. I drew a morning glory, a little sailboat on the ocean, a scene with assorted fairy tale abodes, and a ballerina playing a 3-stringed mandolin. While I was drawing, I listened to a Seabear album, which was totally relaxing and good for my soul.
  • I finally joined Ravelry, which is a huge network of knitters and crocheters. And I found some lovely and exciting free patterns that I really want to make along with some good crochet book suggestions and overall inspiration to start spreading my hooks beyond the realm of the beloved granny square.
  • In 4 weeks, I get my first ultrasound, which--if little lemon is cooperating--should reveal the gender of my baby, at which point, I will begin a flurry of baby-themed-making that is gender appropriate and the results of which I have absolutely no room for in our new apartment.
So there you have it. Robin is back.
[hooray! confetti! streamers! hallelujah chorus! cake for everyone!]


  1. I LOVE that you're back. And preggers. And seriously, I want to come see you. Do you have a couch I can sleep on? Because I'm totally down with that. :) Also, I think we have an apron to make... and I just might have to take some photos for you, too. Either of A Happy Little Sparrow goods or of a pregnant belly. I'm fine with both (though really, bellies are much better around 8 months). I love that you're back! Hooray!

  2. Hooray Hooray HOORAY!!!! So happy, for such a multitude of reasons! And also jealous that your baby is so going to have the most amazing baby book ever, which is the one thing that most intimidates me that I already feel so far behind on (in that I haven't started or saved anything sentimental whatsover) that I am giving up. Anyway, glad you are back!!

  3. Welcome back, sister! I have missed your ramblings and general overall amazingness. :)

  4. hooray! you have made my google reader very happy! i've been scrolling down to the "Ts" a lot lately to see if you were back yet and you are! i've missed being inspired by you!

  5. yay! glad to hear you are feeling better and back to posting : )