10 February 2010

Anniversary Giveaway!

In order to be eligible for this giveaway, all you need to do is to leave a comment on this post by February 20th. On the 21st, I will use a random number generator to determine the winner. And the winner will receive...

one custom Robin-made something
crafted especially for you!!!

If you'd like to direct my little project, feel free to tell me your favorite project from this past year, something new you think I should try, your favorite color, etc. Or you can just say, "Kudos" for my one year weekly making anniversary and leave it all up to my creative whims. Whatever you want to do. The ball is in your court. Comment away!

Thanks for stopping in to see my little corner of the universe now and then. Thanks for your encouragements and comments and happy thoughts. And thank you most of all for celebrating with me!

Woohoo for a full year of The Weekly Make!!!

My Random Number Generator picked the number 3, which means that:
Matt is the winner of The Weekly Make First Anniversary Giveaway! Congratulations, Matt!

Thanks so much to everyone for your comments and kind words. It was so fun to see comments pop up and to envision what I would make for you if you were the lucky winner. So very inspiring. I think I'll have to do more giveaways like this in the future. So for everyone who didn't win, I don't know when, but you'll get another chance. :o)


  1. i would have commented anyway, since i love reading your posts and have missed them, but the give away is so enticing! anyway, i like the things you have sewn the best, though the strawberry jam is probably good; i still have to get my jar from emily. :-) i also loved your little felt animals. soooo cute. mostly i love that you have been finding satisfaction in your creative outlets. (especially since that's not true of work. ;-)

  2. So proud of you, Robin! I love how your creative endeavors have made you into a better crafter and writer as well! If I win the give-away, I would request it to be my unfinished birthday present ;o) and then maybe I would give you YOUR unfinished birthday present. But I would require, for Molly's sake, that it be delivered in person. :o) Love you!

  3. Hey, congrats on one year! That is awesome. Here's to hopefully starting your own crafts business one day (yes, I'm actually sitting at my desk at work, raising my coffee cup in your honor).

  4. Ok, time to post here now.

    You know I absolutely love your aprons and the headbands. The Disney World purse was pretty awesome, too. I also really loved the Munchkin cards (you know me and games). Your wall hangings were also pretty sweet. As was your jam... except, oh wait... that's another reason we need to see each other soon. ;)

    Love you!!! Hooray for Robin and Weekly Makes and Giveaways!

  5. A year of makes? That is really awesome, Robin!

    If I win the giveaway, I'd love a crocheted winter hat, kinda like the one you made for Josiah - and it probably doesn't need to be made much bigger than the one you made for him... :)

  6. This is a great blog, Robin, and I had no idea it existed! Can't wait to look through your posts and start subscribing. Nice work!
    - Bethany (Veerman) Johnson

  7. My dearest Rx,

    You are the craftiest woman I know!


  8. Amare and Leandro for Iguodala? How about... STOP TRADING EVERY #&*$ DRAFT PICK.

    Also, eye (of a needle) hat (had) know (how to craft) eye (repeat)-dea ewe (win some sheep!) started blogging again. Lost my steam there at the end. Nice having you back! :)

  9. Robin, first off, you know I would have been here without your cute and adoring husband's email. I have been waiting for the December posts! Secondly, I really like the new look of the blog! It confused me, so that I thought at first you had started a new blog. Which leads me to my 3rd point. 1 freakin year of generally consistent blogging, really impressive makes, and a fairly inspired audience! Robin, I give you major props. You put in a whole year without quitting or getting bored and starting a new blog, (all things that I would have resorted to)and I was encouraged by what you had to say on a fairly regular basis!

    So congratulations to you, and if by some random number draw I happen to win something wonderful from you, I leave you to your creative genious and one small reminder that there is a tiny and remarkably cute baby mcduncan on the way that would probably love some hand-crafted robin original! And he's willing to wait 5 months for it!!

  10. Wow, Robin, you're amazing. (You also have a husband who loves you lots! - nice email, Jason).

    Since we'll hopefully be close by over the summer, you gotta teach me how to make some of that awesome stuff. You're so inspiring! (Rachel BECKLEY - since there are apparently six of us).

  11. I first saw your stuff at the GCTS Bazaar and I wanted to keep an eye on you here. Things have been pretty crazy in my life and I am just now getting around to looking back through your stuff. I have enjoyed catching up. CONGRATS on 1 year :)

  12. Congrats on one year. Love the list in the last post and like the new theme. Count me in for the contest!

  13. Robin - such talent! Love your things. Please let me know
    when your next "show" is. I would love to go.

  14. Hey Robin,
    I love catching up with you through your blog. Many days when I'm in class and tired and can't pay attention anymore I sneak a peak at your latest make, read the blog, quietly giggle and much more refreshed. Sometimes I even try to start paying attention again. :) Congrats on the anniversary of a year of hard, creative work. I love seeing the different things you make and I love reading your view of the process- you are very talented in "making" but also in words. love and blessings to you guys!