25 June 2009

Rain, News, and Bowling Shoes

I realize I'm behind. It's been nothing but doom and gloom in the cold rainy north shore area, so I haven't felt like taking more dark pictures with zero natural light. I've still been making...just not picture-taking. I hope to be updating this weekend, so stay tuned.

In other news, my wall-hanging was accepted into the first ever issue of Kalos! Woohoo! I'm super-duper excited. I'll let you know when the journal is posted online, and I'm all famous. :o)

Okay, this has nothing to do with bowling shoes...it just rhymed, and I seem to be in a rhyming mood at the moment. This week's make is going to be something to decorate my much-in-need-of-home-making new office. Something highly impressive that says, "Yes I made that, and I am far too creative to be making copies for you."

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